About Us

SICAM has a rich history of organizing a variety of community/cultural events showcase the diversity and beauty of South Indian culture, and socially responsible initiatives that help community-building. SICAM has continues to earn the respect and admiration of its members and the wider community.

SICAM has strong mission and vision for its members. The ability to share our heritage and provide cultural awareness to our children is important to all of us. Despite having chosen a new country as our new home, SICAM recognize the need to pass our values and culture to the next generation. SICAM commemorates our roots by celebrating our diversity, culture and festivals, which are enjoyed equally by adults and children.

We are the first community organization in Nova Scotia who brought Onam, a national festival celebrated by Malayalees all over the world. We also celebrate other Kerala festivals like Vishu, Easter and Diwali, which is the most popular Indian festivals. We celebrate Family Day, Christmas and other meet and greet social events to our members through out the year and we organize more than three to four significant events each year.