About Us

SICAM celebrated its first gathering in April 1986 with 20 Canadians of South Indian origin. The early years were hard on the founding members, who worked hard to bring credibility and prestige to the association. These founding members recognized the need for cultural support to their community and show case the culture to the community they live in. After writing a by law, SICAM gained popularity and stature at a National level.

The ability to share our heritage and provide cultural awareness to our children is important to all of us. Despite having chosen a new country as our new home, SICAM recognize the need to pass our values and culture to the next generation. An organization like SICAM can contribute immensely. SICAM commemorates our roots by celebrating our diversity, culture and festivals, which are enjoyed equally by adults and children. SICAM provides a forum for people of South Indian origin where they can connect with the people of same origin, who shares common languages, festivals, convictions and cultural similarities. SICAM show cased many events like, many Bharathanattyam perfomances and Yatra.

SICAM is currently represented by 70 members and has become a vibrant community organization that serves the people of South Indians and participates in, and contributes to the Canadian Life.